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We have a network of student recruitment offices in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. With this vast network of about 150 associates, we are able to assist Singapore schools and education institutions to recruit students of all levels.

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We provide services (including attending preparatory courses and entrance tests) to assist parents in registering their children for Singapore government and private schools.

  1. Singapore Government School Entrance Exam (AEIS)
    Government school entrance exams (AEIS) are conducted twice a year and it is compulsory for foreign students who wish to enter the Singapore government school system to take these exams.
  2. Singapore International Schools
    Singapore is home to some of the best international schools. Their brands and education system are well established and recognized. International schools do not require foreign students to take the AEIS exam and students can enter the system once they pass the school entrance exam.
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We provide homestay service with comfortable living environment and all-rounded learning experience for international students in Singapore, under the EEI Homestay brand.

Studying in Singapore is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Besides the educational opportunities, the multi-national environment allows students to experience life in a new culture and make new friends from around the world.As a partner to all parents who sent their children to Singapore, we strive to provide every student with the care that he needs, and provide proper guidance to help him make the most out of this important stage of his life.

In all our homestay properties, we aim to create a welcoming environment in which every student can enjoy home-like atmosphere and interacting with local hosts. Clean, spacious and comfortable bedrooms, daily healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, laundry, and housekeeping are just some of the services we provide for our students. Professional tutors are engaged to help the students on their school works in the evenings after dinner.

Besides striving for good academic results, we believe character building is equally if not more important. EEI Homestay organizes activities and outings for our students so that they could pick up socialising and team-working skills. Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and multi-racial environment also allows our students to learn, experience, understand and respect other culture and beliefs.

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EEI Guardianship Programme
International students are required to provide their guardians’ particulars to the schoosl. The guardian should be either:

  • A Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident above 21 years old, or
  • The parent of the international student if the parent is working / staying in Singapore

It is a requirement for international students to have a guardian when they are studying in local mainstream schools. The guardian is responsible to account for the child under his/her care. The guardian must be contactable by the school and any change in guardianship must be reported to the school immediately.

EEI Guardianship Programme is designed for school-going children who are attending school in Singapore away from their home countries. The Programme

  • Provides full board and lodging, and manages all required parental duties in the absence of the child’s parents
  • Includes new students pick-up service from the airport, and also a 3-days Orientation Programme to localise the students to slowly integrate into Singapore
  • Provides special care for students whenever they fall sick and require special attention
  • Assists parents of young students with disbursement of daily/weekly/monthly pocket money for their everyday usage
  • Monitors each and every student’s personal development and education progression, and advises parents on the best course of action for their children
EEI Tuition Programme
EEI Tuition Programme strives to match the most suitable tuition schedule and tutor to the students in order to achieve the best result. The Programme

  • Provides well-qualified ex-MOE and current school teachers
  • Adopts screening test for students to identify their level of academic competency
  • Comprises both centralised classes (at the student’s lodging) and decentralised classes (at conveniently located tuition centres)
  • Includes 1-to-1 tuition upon request