Payment Form

Item 付款名目: Amount 金额:

Instructions for payment by credit card

Debit cards and Credit cards acceptable for payment are VISA and MasterCard.

Step 1: Select nature of payment – “Rental” or “Others”.
步骤 1: 选择付款名目 – “住宿费” 或 “其它”。
Step 2: Select amount to be paid – “SGD9,000”, “SGD10,500”, “SGD18,000” or “Others” If “Others” is selected, please input the amount to be paid. Just input the numbers without currency symbol.
步骤 2: 选择欲支付的金额 – “新币9000”,”新币10500” ,”新币18000” 或 “其它金额”。 若选择“其它金额”,请自行填写欲支付的金额,只需填写数目字,不填币种。
Step 3: Click “Submit” and you will be re-directed to SmoovPay - a safe and secured payment gateway located in Singapore - to input your debit card or credit card details for payment processing.
步骤 3: 选择”提交”后,您将会登录新加坡的SmoovPay支付网关,输入借记卡或信用卡详情,进行付款。
Click here to know what card details are required when paying through SmoovPay 点击 这里 了解通过SmoovPay 支付网关以借记卡或信用卡付账所需资料